Help For The Injured

Taking the Worry Out of Personal Injury

A serious personal injury can affect all aspects of your life. You not only have to cope with the physical pain of your injury, you must also deal with the medical bills, the insurance companies, the loss of income and, in some cases, the wrongful death of a family member. It can seem like too much to bear.

Finebloom and Haenel, P.A.
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At Finebloom and Haenel, P.A., we help take the worry out of a personal injury.

Our five attorneys are dedicated to helping you through this difficult time. While we can’t turn back the clock to the days before your injury, we can relieve the worry and stress of today and work to make your future brighter.

We are “get it done” kinds of guys. We are focused on getting results and genuinely committed to helping people.

We are tenacious attorneys who work tirelessly to maximize the amount of financial compensation our injured clients receive. We’re not going to back down, no matter how powerful the opponent.

We’re Here for You – Servicing Clients Statewide

At Finebloom and Haenel, P.A., there aren’t multiple levels of bureaucracy between you and your lawyer. You deal directly with your attorney. Clients appreciate that we are accessible, friendly and not at all intimidating — unless you are an opposing lawyer.

Calls are answered around the clock. If your attorney is unavailable to speak to you when you call, you will hear back from him promptly — usually the very same day.

Our legal team includes a group of experienced investigators, many of whom are former law enforcement officers. They move quickly to investigate the scene, track down and interview witnesses, and secure documents and evidence that are crucial to any case.

If you have been injured through the negligence of another, please contact us to discuss your case. The initial consultation is free, and you will pay no attorney’s fees unless we win your case.

Main office located in Sarasota. Other offices located in Tampa. Available by appointment only in Orlando and Clearwater.


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